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Maxam 12-String 41" Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Shoulder Strap

Maxam™ 12-String 41" Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Brown box. Features:Laminated Black Basswood Bod..


As low as $107.04

Maxam 40" Six String Classical Student Guitar with Nylon Carrying Case

Maxam™ 40" Classical Guitar Six string guitar features linden wood back and sides. Includes a n..


As low as $35.95

Maxam 43" 4-String Electric Bass Guitar with Strap Buttons

Maxam™ 43" Electric 4-String Bass Guitar. Features:2 Tone ControlsVolume ControlInput JackStra..


As low as $101.70

Maxam Alto Sax with Carrying Case

Maxam™ Alto Sax Includes cleaning swab, neck strap, reed, and mouthpiece with cover and carryin..


As low as $275.18

Maxam Beginners Brass Trumpet includes Mouthpiece and Carrying Case

Maxamâ„¢ Beginners Brass Trumpet includes Mouthpiece and Case. Not Intended for Children Under 13 Yea..


As low as $117.00

Maxam Clarinet with Case Features Ebonite Pipe and Nickel-Plated Keys

Maxam™ Clarinet Features ebonite pipe and nickel-plated keys. Includes mouthpiece, cleaning clo..


As low as $95.88

Maxam Double Cutaway Tambourine Features Ergonomic Grip

Maxam™ Double Cutaway Tambourine Features 2 rows of jingles and ergonomic grip. Measures 10-3/4..


As low as $6.67

Maxam Full Size Electric Violin with Hard-Sided Case and Bow

Maxam™ Full Size Electric Violin with Case and Bow. Case measures 31-1/2" x 9-3/4" x 4-3/4". Br..


As low as $116.10

Maxam Full Size High-Gloss Lacquer Finish Violin with Case and Bow

Maxamâ„¢ Full Size Violin with Case and Bow.Features: Beautiful High-Gloss Lacquer FinishHard-Sided Ca..


As low as $45.90

Maxam Height-Adjustable Music Stand with Powder Coat Finish

Maxam™ Height-Adjustable Music Stand Features powder coat finish, tilting bookplate, non-slip r..


As low as $6.67

Maxam Silver Flute with Carrying Case

Maxam™ Silver Flute with Carrying Case. If you have ever wanted to learn to play the flute, thi..


As low as $87.50

Maxam Soprano Ivory-Tone ABS Construction Recorder with Storage Bag

Maxam™ Soprano Recorder Features ivory-tone ABS construction, cleaning rod, and PVC storage bag..


As low as $1.26

Maxam Trombone Features Gold Lacquer Finish and Silver-Tone Mouthpiece

Maxam™ Trombone. Brown box. Features:Gold Lacquer FinishSilver-Tone MouthpiecePolishing Cloth..


As low as $127.15