Maxam 4-Function Stainless Steel Knife

Maxam 4-Function Stainless Steel Knife

MAXAM Multi-Function Knife - Silver Mini Multi-Tool, Pocket Knife with Can Opener

Life has its challenges. Many are too complex to handle. That being said, the small things shouldn't have to cause any headache. Opening pouches, slicing fruits, and maintaining your nails should not lead to unnecessary difficulties. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a tool that gets the little things handled? With dimensions of 2.3 x 0.75 x 0.25 inches, our multifunctional knife is ultra-portable. It's lightweight, too! You'll never have to be without it. Just slip it into your pocket or keep it handy in your small pouch.

  • IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY USE - Cant open a pouch with just your hand? Our multipurpose knife, with its cutting blade, scissors, and bottle opener, will handle it.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION  Guaranteed durable, our survival knife is made of only the best materials. Boasting a stainless steel handle and stainless-steel blades, it's built to last for many years.
  • NO FRILLS, LIGHTWEIGHT TOOL - To ensure our mini utility knife stays comfortably light, we didnt include unnecessary frills. It has the tools you are likely to use every day
  • CARRY IT EVERYWHERE - Easily attach our multitool knife to your belt or bag using its lanyard ring. Measuring only 4 x 1 x .75 inches, our knife fits perfectly in small pouches.

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