Star Lighters - a Closer Look

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The Zippo-style lighters are back in style! The ones you can get from MITECH Trading are Star Lighters. These are incredibly popular and among our best-selling products. They are used around the house, the outdoors folks are using them, RV'rs for lighting that campfire, and last, but not least, we sell them with logo imprints for business gifts, or we sell them blank in larger quantities to other logo imprint companies.

In this post, we will show you exactly what you get when you are buying a Star Lighter from us, and we will also show you an example of a Star Lighter with an imprint.


unboxing star lighters





Here we have two Star Lighters. One in black and one in chrome. They both come packed the same way. The tin box is in a white paper sleeve.











star lighter in tin box




After removing the white sleeve, we have the lighters in a black tin box. The top surface of the tin box is an excellent area for logo imprinting. 












chrome and black Star Lighter




The lid is removed from the lighters and we see them wrapped in cellophane pouches. 














Here are the lighters removed from the tin box. Also, the lighters themselves have great areas for logo imprints. Inside the boxes are labels with warnings and lighter fuel fill instructions. Here is the exact text:

WARNING: Keep lighter away from children, This lighter is not child resistant. Ignite lighter away from face and clothing. Remove this card before use.

WARNING: Keep lighter out of reach of children, This lighter is not child-resistant.




Safety Precautions:

  1. Ignite lighter away from face and clothing
  2. Lighter contains no fuel from factory
  3. Do not overfill. Fuel will irritate skin.
  4. Lighter contains flammable fluid when filled.
  5. Lighters do not self-extinguish.
  6. Always close lid to extinguish flame.
  7. Be careful not to drop lighter when lid.
  8. Keep away from heat above 120F (49C) or to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  9. Do not put in fire


To fill lighter:

  1. Remove lighter insert
  2. Lift felt pad to reveal the absorbent material in the lighter fluid chamber. Saturate the absorbent material with lighter fluid. Stop filling when lighter fluid reaches top of absorbent material, Do not overfill. If overfilled it can leak fuel. Fuel is a skin irritant and is extremely flammable.
  3. Remove excess lighter fluid from lighter and hands prior to lighting. If overfilled do not put in pocket or next to skin. If fuel gets on skin wash the affected area and see a doctor.if irritation persists. If lighter fluid gets on clothing, remove and wash out immediately because your clothing would be extremely flammable.
  4. Be sure lighter fluid can is closed and there is no spilled fuel in vicinity before igniting. Lighter fluid is extremely flammable.

lift felt before filling lighter




Felt lifted and lighter ready to fill.








lighter filled and lighted


Finally filled and ready to go.










Lighters with logo imprint

black zippo-style lighter with logo imprint





Star Black Finish Lighter in Tin Case with Color Logo Service











chrome lighter with logo imprint






Star Polished Chrome Finish Lighter in Tin Case with Pad Print







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