5 Ridiculously Cute Novelty Birdhouses You Need In Your Yard

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If you're looking for a ridiculously cute way to spruce up your backyard, look no further than these novelty birdhouses! These adorable homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are sure to make your feathered friends feel right at home.


Cute, Adorable, and Unique Novelty Birdhouses

Welcome to our little showcase of cute novelty birdhouses! So, what exactly makes a birdhouse considered "cute"? Well, there's really no definitive answer To some people, it might be the overall design or shape of the house. Others might prefer houses that are painted in bright and cheerful colors, and still, others might find homes with unique features or embellishments to be the cutest Ultimately, it's up to you to decide and a good place to start is our 5 bestselling birdhouses below.


The 5 Most Cute and Adorable Novelty Birdhouses

Any of these unique and adorable birdhouses will definitely add some personality to your yard or garden, and they make great gifts too. So take a look and see which one is your favorite!


beach tiki bar birdhouse



Birdhouse #1: The Beach Tiki Bar Birdhouse

Cute design for the birds to hang out in the shade under the palm leaf roof with bird friends. chirping to each other about this newfound birdhouse bar. The birdhouse tiki has outside bar chairs and even a "Cold Beer" sign. 
















cup cake birdhouse






Birdhouse #2: Cozy Cupcake Bakery Birdhouse

This little cupcake bakery birdhouse is another cute addition to your feathered friends. It has an inviting bakery front with a "Life is Short, Eat Cupcakes" sign in front, along with a little chair, another "Sweet Swirls" sign, and a nice little bucket of flowers. Get this bakery birdhouse for your yard and see if those birdies will bake some cupcakes for you! 












birdhouse winery








Birdhouse #3: Winery Birdhouse

Another adorable, handcrafted birdhouse. This one resembles a countryside winery, nicely decorated with wines grown over the roof and walls, along with a couple of wine barrels, and a "Tasting Room" and Winery Tour" sign for the guests. Remember to warn your feathered friends against FUI (flying under influence).

















Birdhouse #4: Biker Bar Birdhouse

This flaming roof biker bar birdhouse on US Route 66, comes with everything you can ask for in a bird biker bar (we think). "Open 24 hours" sign on the door, a Biker Bar sign with the name "Highway Hide Away", a motorcycle parked in the front, along with a little seating area with chairs and a checkered tablecloth.  Please note that the sign says that there is parking for biker birds only, and all others will be crushed! Wow, that's one tough crowd of biker birds we are dealing with here.,.












Country Store Birdhouse







Birdhouse #5: Country Store Birdhouse

This little country store comes with a Stars and Stripes flag, outside signs like "Fresh Eggs", "Breakfast, Lunch", and "Hay for Sale". Outside the store is a basket of eggs, a bird bench, hay, other country store items, and of course a big "Welcome" sign. This is one of our customer's all-time favorites.










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