T304 High-Quality Stainless-Steel 11-Inch Square Griddle

T304 High-Quality Stainless-Steel 11-Inch Square Griddle

Chef's Secret T304 High-Quality Stainless-Steel 11-Inch Square Griddle, Ideal for Grilling and Presenting Your Favorite Creations

The Chef's Secret 11-inch Stainless Steel Square Griddle offers plenty of cooking space for grilled cheese, pancakes, grilled vegetables, and more. The high-quality, stainless steel 5-ply construction provides long-lasting durability and natural corrosion resistance to ensure the griddle will last use after use, year after year. The long, riveted handle makes maneuvering the griddle safe and easy and the raised lip design allows you to move food around with ease while cooking without having to worry about making a mess. This innovative griddle has also been crafted with an ideal design for induction cooking. A great gift idea for any budding or professional chef or home cook. ABOUT: Chef's Secret creates modern kitchen tools that are practical and decoratively beautiful.

  • A BEAUTIFUL GRIDDLE: The Chef's Secret T304 Griddle is elegant and durable with a stylish mirror finish that looks so good you'll be happy to serve food right from the griddle to the table.
  • INDUCTION COOKING: Crafted for your new induction stove top. The 5-ply stainless steel construction is durable for a lifetime of use. It features a long stainless steel handle making this griddle great for any cook and stovetop.
  • HIGH RIDGES PREVENT MESSES: Crafted with high ridges surrounding the cooking surface allows for movement of your food while cooking. This helps reduce the chances of food spilling out of the pan on to your cooking surface as you cook.
  • PLENTY OF SPACE: At 11 inches this griddle provides plenty of room to move your food around as you cook. Make grilled cheese for two, grilled vegetables and even pancakes. You have the space, what you grill is up to you.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The Chef's Secret T304 Griddle makes an excellent gift for the cook in your life. Especially great for anyone who owns a new induction stovetop and is in the process of changing their cookware to be compatible.

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