Wildshot 2oz Glass Shot Glass

Wildshot 2oz Glass Shot Glass

Wild Shot 2 Ounce Shot Glass, Fun Novelty Glassware for Whiskey, Vodka, Mixed Shots and More

  • A STYLISH NOVELTY SHOT GLASS: Wildshot's 2-ounce Shot Glass is a cool little liquor drinking glass that just dares you and your drinking buddies to literally load up and take your best shot all night long!
  • SUPER FUNNY EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: Featuring a realistic bullet comically impaled right into and through its glass side, our fun shot glass totally gets the drinking job done and makes for an instantly comical conversation starter.
  • TOTALLY PRACTICAL SHOT DRINKING DIMENSIONS: Measuring 2" wide x 2.25" tall, whipping our perfectly sized novelty shot glass out of your pocket to get the party started will bring a smile to all your guest's faces.
  • INNOVATIVE DRINKING TOOLS & BAR ACCESSORIES: Wild shot creates intriguing drinking accessories and handy bar equipment that are dependable, low-cost and showcase your desired lifestyle in a highly comical style.

Volume (oz)2
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