Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser with Chrome Base

Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser with Chrome Base

Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser, Accessory for any Home Bar or Man Cave

The Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser is a perfect addition to any home bar or man cave. The attractive design is both functional and eye-catching. Perfect for entertaining. This dispenser holds up to 4 different bottles of your favorite booze. When you're ready for a drink just place your glass under the desired alcohol and press up. A perfect 1.5-ounce shot will be dispensed into your glass. The Wyndham House 4 Station Liquor Dispenser features 4 rotating liquor release stations, ribbed rubber bottle inserts, rubber suction cups, push-release valves, and a chrome base. Measures 9-3/4-inches x 20-inches.

  • IMPROVES EVERY HOME BAR: it's easy to step up the party by adding the 4-station liquor dispenser to your home bar, serving station, or man cave. Your guests will love filling their own glasses with their favorite booze. you'll have fun too!
  • HOLDS 4 BOTTLES: Something for everyone! This ingenious dispenser holds up to 4 bottles of your favorite alcohol. Whether your guests prefer whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, or another beverage, there is something for everyone.
  • MIRROR LIKE CHROME FINISH: This rotating dispenser features a beautiful chrome finish, which offers a modern and professional look. Add style to your bar or serving station. It cleans up easily with just a quick wipe of a bar towel.
  • SECURE AND LEAKPROOF: Adjustable arms are designed to hold bottles securely in place, utilizing rubber suction cups. The ribbed rubber bottle inserts fit snuggly into each bottle creating a tight seal to prevent any leaks.
  • A PERFECT SHOT: The Wyndham House 4-Station Liquor Dispenser measures a perfect 1.5-ounce shot of happy juice every time. The unit measures 9-3/4-inches x 20-inches. It also makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to entertain.

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