Mossberg 2 PC Aluminum Tactical Pen Set

Mossberg 2 PC Aluminum Tactical Pen Set

Mossberg Tactical Pen Set, 4 Piece

Mossberg's 4-piece Tactical Pen Set are dynamically designed multiuse writing utensils and self-defense tools that none of your professors, coworkers or would-be attackers have ever seen! Featuring a titanium-coated robust tactical spike tip, our highly protective pen set looks just like any other normal writing utensil. But with their durable aluminum housing, firm weight and lightning-fast dagger-like wielding action, this powerful little self-defensive pen set is far more than meets the eye. Perfect for storing in pockets, backpacks, glove compartments and anywhere else they can readily be gotten a hold of Mossberg's incredibly versatile 4-piece tactical self-defense pen set can legally be carried on your person at all times giving you the dramatically agile ability to defend yourself, or jot down just as many notes as you need, by any means necessary. And all no matter where life takes you.

  • A POWERFUL MILITARY PEN SET: Mossberg's Tactical Pen Set are innovatively designed multiuse military pens that help you take-on all of your classroom, work, and day-to-day writing tasks as well as fend off and/or combat violent attacks.
  • DURABLE SELF-DEFENSE PEN SET CONSTRUCTION: Forged out of rugged aluminum housing with a writing pen on one end and a cap and handle on the other, our military self-defense pens have a fair amount of heft to them and feel comfortably secure in either hand.
  • DYNAMIC SELF-DEFENSIVE WRITING ACTION: Featuring a titanium-coated robust tactical spike tip, our self-defense pens give you the power to use your innocent-looking writing utensil as a thunderous defensive (or aggressive) weapon if you're in harm's way.
  • FIRM DAGGER-LIKE ACTION: Giving you the protective ability to inflict lethal force at a moment's notice, once gripped tightly in your fist our ingeniously-designed pen set protrudes with ample length to protect yourself by whatever means necessary.
  • CUTTING-EDGE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Mossberg creates dynamic sporting knives, innovative survival weapons and multiuse self-defense tools that are dependable, low-cost, and designed to give sporting outdoorsmen and -women years of reliable use.

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