Vest Extenders for Leather Vests. What's the Deal?

Posted by MITECH Trading 10/25/2022 0 Comment(s) Motorcycle,Apparel,

Making the Perfect Fit with a Leather Vest Extender

Is your leather vest a little snug?  You know how those vests shrink over the years (yeah right), or you need to add some additional warm clothes underneath your vest. All you need is a vest extender from MITECH Trading. A leather vest extender is a great way to make sure your vest fits properly. 

A vest extender is a great way to add width to your leather vest.   There can be several reasons for adding an extender to your vest.  Maybe you've outgrown your old vest or maybe you just want a little extra width for a new look.  Whatever the reason, vest extenders are an easy way to change up your look without having to buy a new vest. The vest extenders from MITECH Trading are designed with just the right look for your biker vest. Chrome chains, leather ends (faux), and nickel buttons.

There are several different types of vest extenders available on the market. The most popular type is the button-on kind. These simply button onto the existing buttons in front of the vest. This makes it very easy to put on and take off, which is great if you're changing up your look. 


Get Your Leather Vest Extender With an Extra Personal Touch.

We're giving you a few choices for a vest extender matching your personal style. The outside extender button. comes either as a plain button or comes with a nickel medallion in several patterns: buffalo head, eagle, Indian head, Maltese cross, POW, rose medallions which have a more delicate look for the ladies, skulls, or USA Stars and Stripes flag in red, white, and blue colors.

Leather vest extender plainbuffalo head vest extendereagle vest extenderindian vest extendermaltese cross vest extenderPOW vest extenderrose vest extenderskull vest extenderstars and stripes usa flag vest extender

Make sure the extender complements your leather vest. The extenders sold by us, all match our popular leather vests. You don’t want an eyesore when it comes to fashion and style, so be sure to find an extender in a color that works with your overall look.  Choose an extender that is made specifically for leather vests. There are generic options out there, but they may not provide a secure fit or last as long as one made specifically for leather vests.