A Zippo Style Lighter: The Perfect Gift

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For the cigar lover in your life, there is no better gift than a Zippo-style lighter. These lighters are not only stylish and elegant, but they are also very functional. Zippo style lighters are known for their durability and reliability, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate a good cigar.


If you are looking for a special gift for the cigar aficionado in your life, consider a Zippo style lighter. With its stylish design and quality construction, a Zippo lighter is sure to be appreciated and used for many years to come.


The History and Evolution of Zippo Style Lighters

Zippo lighters are one of the most iconic smoking accessories of all time. These lighters have been around for over 80 years and have undergone several changes and evolutions throughout their history.

The first Zippo lighter was created in 1932 by George G. Blaisdell. The original design was based on an Austrian lighter that Blaisdell had seen while on a trip to Europe. He was so fascinated by the design of the lighter that he decided to create his own version. The first Zippo lighter was made out of brass and had a hinged top that flipped open to reveal the sparking mechanism.

Throughout the years, Zippo lighters have undergone a number of changes, both in terms of their design and the materials they are made out of.


We offer Zippo Style Lighters in Matte Black or Chrome

Our selection of Zippo Style Lighters is the perfect addition to your collection. Choose from either Matte Black or Chrome to find the perfect match for your style. Each lighter is made with high-quality materials and comes in a nice black tin box


Zippo style Star Lighter for Gifts with Logo Imprint

Our Zippo-style Star lighter makes a great gift with a logo imprint. It is a handy, refillable lighter with a dependable flint ignition and a bright nickel finish. The tin box gives extra options for logo imprint, which makes this lighter a great choice for corporate gifts.

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