Sailor's Tool No-Slip Grip G10 Handle with Stainless-Steel Edge

Sailor's Tool No-Slip Grip G10 Handle with Stainless-Steel Edge

Maxam Sailor's Tool with G10 Handle - Sailing Knife & Rigging Blade with Marlin Spike - Stainless Steel Serrated Edge, Folding Bayonet, No-Slip Grip - Pocket Tactical Marine Accessories for Fishing

A rigging knife is a must-have tool for any serious sailor. The problem with ordinary utility knives is that they are no match for seawater or are hard to grip with wet hands. What you need is a reliable knife for easily detangling knotted strands and cutting thick ropes. You also want one that won't rust and stays sharp and durable even when exposed to the elements all year round. The Sailor's Tool with G10 Handle by Maxam is the only multi-functional boating blade you need.

  • Easily Cut Thick Ropes - Be ready to cut and slice through chunky rope with this multi-purpose fishing knife. It features a retractable rigging knife with a serrated blade for effortless cutting.
  • Loosen Tough Knots - Detangle stubborn knots in seconds with this sailor's folding knife. It comes with a solid marlin spike bayonet, which gives you an easier time unweaving tight rope strand.
  • A Firm, Steady Grip - Tired of using utility knives that keep slipping out of your wet hands? This marlin spike knife is fitted with a textured G10 handle, which gives you a secure hold on the blade.
  • A Seaworthy Tool - Use a utility knife that is built for taking on the open sea. This nautical knife's blades are made of 440 stainless steels, which withstands the formation of rust or corrosion.

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